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All Riot Squad nic salts are available in either 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt strengths, what sets riot squad apart from other brands is their unique hybrid base, riot salts contain a blend of regular freebase nicotine and nicotine salt, this unique base provides an extremely satisfying hit that’s packed with flavour and super smooth on the throat.

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Riot Salts

  • Bubblegun – Chew yourself into screwball happiness with this blue bubble gum, doused with a final pow of minty menthol.
  • Blue Burst – Immerse yourself into sub-zero temperatures with this icy blue raspberry slush, a menthol explosion to set your senses alight.
  • Cherry Cola – Riot Squad Salt’s Cherry Cola is a sticky sweet and tangy flavour of a nostalgic classic cola flavour layered with delicious cherries bursting with juice
  • Cherry Fizzle – Feel the fizz with this deep cherry vape, then let the turmoil begin between the fighting notes of sweet then sour on your taste buds.
  • Cream Leaf – Get stirred up with this creamy, smooth and rich tasting vape, paired with the boisterous taste of lit tobacco.
  • Exotic Fruit Frenzy – Get all mixed up with this cool tropical fruit fist to the face of cantaloupe and passion fruit, an exotic punch that will make you forget the anarchy of life.
  • Fresh Blueberry – Riot Squad Salt’s Fresh Blueberry is a simple yet incredibly delicious flavour is sticky sweet and tart blueberries bursting with juice for the perfect berry e-liquid
  • Fresh Leaf – Forget burnt ash and taste the revolution with this fresh leaf tobacco, the only lit part of this vape is the dark choc-lit aftertaste.
  • Loaded Lemon Custard – Let custard chaos begin with this creamy pudding that is sent to leave your tongue lingering with a tart lemon zing.
  • Pink Grenade – Prepare to get in a fizz as this weapon is charged up with lemon and explosive strawberry lemonade.
  • Pure Frozen Acai – Riot Squad Salt’s Pure Frozen Acai is a sweet and tantalisingly tangy acai berry blend layered on top of a cool and refreshing icy finish
  • Pure Minted – Submerge yourself into this mintal concoction of peppermint and menthol mixed with a full-on fruity berry edge.
  • Rich Black Grape – Riot Squad Salt’s Rich Black Grape is a dark, tangy and succulently sweet black American grapes with a devilishly delicious cool mint finish.
  • Signature Orange – Riot Squad Hybrid Salt’s Signature Orange is a dark, tangy and succulently sweet tangerine flavour wrapped up in a classic jelly candy for a gorgeous citrus vape.
  • Sub Lime – Subversive flavours of sweet acidic lime and lemon, that will mess up your senses and leave you with a sour aftertaste.
  • Sweet Leaf – Immerse yourself into sweetness with this delicate vanilla flavour, doubled up with savoury tobacco.
  • Tropical Fury – A powerful mix of bashed tropical fruit combined to deliver a tangy orange intense vape with a sparkly, cool aftertaste.
  • Ultra Peach Tea Riot Squad Salt’s Ultra Peach Tea is a soft and sweet, succulent peach tea served classically on the rocks.
  • Watermelon Ice – Riot Squad Salt’s Watermelon Ice is a gorgeous tropical flavour of juicy watermelons blended into cool and refreshing icy twist


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Box Contents 

  • 10ml of volume in each bottle